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Become A Future Host or Sponsor of THASIE

Prospective Tile & Stone Distributors in the Contiguous lower 48 United States who are interested in hosting THASIE in the future must meet the following general requirements in order to apply. 

If you are interested in becoming an official SPONSOR of THASIE, please CONTACT us. 

THASIE Group, Inc. will be at Coverings 2024 in Atlanta GA, from April 21-25th to meet with prospective host candidates and sponsors in person. CONTACT us to set up a meeting. 

General THASIE Host Requirements


  1. Be located in one of the contigious 48 US States.

  2. Be located within a radius of 20 miles from a Major International Airport.

  3. Be located in a major metropolitan city.

  4. Be in business for at least 10 years.

  5. Business focus primarily in the sales of Tile, Stone, Solid Surface (slabs, GPTPS), AND Sundries (installation materials, tools, etc).

  6. Be a direct DISTRIBUTOR (purchase products directly from the manufacturer), not a retailer.

  7. Be able to close your business for the entire span of setup, operation, and tear down/clean up - OR be able to safely and reasonably operate daily business while hosting THASIE.

  8. Have 25k SF of space free to dedicate to THASIE.

  9. Be able to contain 250-400 people: including adequate reasonable parking, bathroom facilities (or have outside space for a reasonable quantity of portable bathrooms)

  10. Have at least one forklift readily available for THASIE operations, WITH a slab clamp.

  11. Have at least a reasonable industry presence, including participation in other national events (such as TISE, Coverings, TSP, etc), with at least a reasonable online presence in the tile and stone communities.

  12. Have marketing and sales staff for your existing business already operational, to be able to promote THASIE

  13. Must already have a distribution relationship (that includes having physical stock, having codes and terms in your sales and inventory system, and a good working relationship with the territory sales rep) with at least one major manufacturer in the following categories:

    • Powders, including Adhesives, Grouts, Self Leveling Underlayments, Patches,​​ Caulking, and Epoxy.

    • Waterproof Systems - entire waterproof tile backer or membrane systems with drains and all accessories

    • Tools - a full range of everyday installation tools, as well as handling systems, saws, snappers, diamond blades and hole bits, and other items.

  14. Must be able to bring each of the above-mentioned companies in as paying sponsors of THASIE for your host location and year.​

  15. Must be willing and able to leverage other relationships to promote and gain other sponsor participation and donation to THASIE.

  16. If location is part of a chain of stores, the point of contact must be at a minimum the host location's Store Manager, and have full cooperation with ownership and senior management without delay - Store manager needs to be able to reasonably operate and make real-time decisions without delay or approval from other parties.

  17. Must be able to sign a host contract at least 180 calendar days before event launch date, and be able to fully market THASIE across all native marketing channels at least 90 days prior to the event, with full scale marketing push 8 weeks out from the event, including using sales and other staff to individually reach out to installation and design customers to attend.

  18. Have a dedicated area for advanced testing, such as Certified Tile Installer (CTI) , and Advance Certification Test (ACT), as well as for professional development classes

  19. Have a secure internet network, sufficient power, water, disposal, and lighting capacity, as well as a dedicated TV/Projector system for class instruction, and an audio/PA system.

  20. Be able to pay a reasonable host fee to THASIE to support operations.

Please answer all of these questions to apply.

Thanks for Applying!

Manually Email Pictures Here:

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